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Roswell Junction Food Hall

Roswell, a bustling suburb of Atlanta, is gearing up to introduce a novel dining and entertainment experience with the launch of Roswell Junction Food Hall. Set to open its doors in June of 2024, Roswell Junction is poised to redefine the local culinary scene, promising a diverse array of amenities and experiences that cater to everyone.

A Fresh Take on Historic Grounds

Located on the grounds of the former Atlanta Street Baptist Church, Roswell Junction is not just a food hall; it’s a revitalization of a historic landmark. The church, having sold the property and relocated to Woodstock as part of the Historic Gateway Project, has passed on its legacy to Roswell Junction. This new venue plans to seamlessly blend its historic roots with modern industrial design elements, creating an inviting space for both dining and socializing.

Vibrant and Diverse Offerings

Roswell Junction is set to feature eight unique food concepts, offering visitors a taste of various cuisines under one roof. In addition to its diverse culinary offerings, the venue will includes three separate bars, including an innovative indoor/outdoor bar, a large patio, and a music bandstand, enhancing the entertainment experience. An added bonus for pet lovers is a fenced-in dog park, making Roswell Junction a pet-friendly destination.

Capitalizing on Roswell’s Social Scene

With its prime location just south of the historic Roswell Square, Roswell Junction is strategically positioned to become a cornerstone of the area’s dining and entertainment landscape. Developer Will Colley, in collaboration with food and beverage experts from Coliccio Consulting and Cushman/Wakefield, is set to deliver a venue that honors Roswell’s historic charm while introducing modern amenities and experiences. This initiative is part of a broader effort to redevelop Atlanta Street, further elevating Roswell’s status as a premier destination in the region.

Community Enthusiasm

The anticipation for Roswell Junction is palpable among both city officials and residents. Roswell Mayor Kurt Wilson expressed excitement about the addition of this unique dining experience to the city, anticipating it will be warmly received by the community. The food hall concept, already popular in the neighboring cities of Atlanta, Marietta, and Alpharetta, is expected to thrive in Roswell, known for its vibrant social scene.

As Roswell Junction prepares to open its doors, residents can look forward to culinary and entertainment innovation, blending the old with the new to create a dynamic destination for food lovers, entertainment seekers, and anyone looking to enjoy the best of Roswell’s social scene.